Why do we ask for your email address?
As a user of DBLMoney, we need a way of communicating with you in the future.

Why do we ask for your name?
We believe addressing someone by their name is essential for building a trustworthy relationship.
Also, this will allow you to distinguish our emails from spam emails that do not contain a name.

We will send you the following emails:
1. An initial email, with a link to download DBLMoney.
2. After 7 days,  a support email to assist with any  issues you may have.
3. After 30 days, a support email to ensure you are up and running.
4. Infrequent support emails, to advise of  bugs and program updates.
5. An occasional email, to obtain your valuable feedback.

If you no longer use DBLMoney please unsubscribe as:
1. The number of active users is important to us. We have no wish to inflate this number.
2. We pay for the number of subscribers on our list.

You will be automatically unsubscribed from this list if:
1. You have not clicked on the program download link 35 days after the initial email.
2. Any email sent to you bounces, due to an  invalid email address.

We do not collect or retain any information other then that provided by you on the download form and subsequent surveys.
We do track when you open our emails and click the download links.
We undertake never to sell or knowingly give your information anyone, without your written prior consent.

We have ensured your privacy and security by:
1. Storing your information on a secure third party (SendinBlue) server.
2. Protecting the program against malware infestation.
3. Protecting the website by acquiring  SSL Certification.