About Us

To become Australia's leading personal accounting software.

To help Australian households grow their wealth and well being.

1. To design, develop and distribute a free personal accounting application.
2. To provide additional resources and services, that will improve financial literacy and decision making.
3. To build an enthusiastic community, to help with develop and support of the above vision, mission and goals.

We believe that "you can't control what you do not measure". Thus a basic understanding of accounts and
good accounting software, are essential for financial success.
"How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose" - Bill Gates.

Product Design
1. It must incorporate accepted accounting practices and standards - e.g. double entry accounting.
2. It must include "best in class" reports, functions and features.
3. It must be easy to use - no accounting knowledge required.
4. It must require minimum user time and effort.
5. It must be affordable.

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